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Emerging Technologies
Application of IFD Filter Screen Technology

Highest efficiency Up to 99.99% particle capture at 0.3 microns with typical air speeds Lowest Pressure Drop Airflow resistance as low as 0.04 inches wg  (10 pascals) Proven technology Independent tests show ifD is the only air purification process that can deliver efficiency this high with pressure drop this low.

IFD Advanced Air Purification can be configured to optimize results for a wide variety of requirements.

Protect sensitive equipment or processes from airborne contaminants, with HEPA (or better) efficiency.

Improve air quality dramatically without changing current air handling or A/C design.

Lower operating costs while achieving highest air quality.

Reduce electricity costs by 20–60% while maintaining current air quality.

Downsize HVAC equipment without sacrificing air quality.

Reduce system noise.

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