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Oxygen Making Ventilation System


People living in the city have a fast pace of life and great work pressure. Mental labor consumes a lot of oxygen in the body, often in the state of micro hypoxia, resulting in excessive light sleep time and poor sleep quality.

Middle aged and old people, with the decline of body function, lack of hemoglobin oxygen, weakened respiratory system, often feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, short sleep time at night.

Teenagers with heavy learning tasks should focus on learning. High speed brain can consume more than 30% oxygen of human body. Under the condition of hypoxia, it is easy to lead to problems such as inattention and memory decline.

The fresh air system for oxygen production, applying the scientific research achievements of Danish University of technology, can increase the oxygen concentration by 1% ~ 2% in the normal living environment, create the environment of suburban forest, supplement oxygen slightly, use for a long time, promote the metabolism of the body and improve the sleep quality.

The fresh air system of oxygen making is to separate and purify the oxygen and other gases in the outdoor air through the oxygen making machine based on the pure physical principle on the basis of the fresh air system, and then deliver them to the end of the air outlet of the fresh air, and intelligently control the oxygen concentration to 21.3-23%, so as to create forest air, and make people feel as if they are in the nature indoors, and experience the fresh and comfortable air.

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